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Yard & Vessel Planning Specialist Kenneth Saunders brings skill, dedication and 20 years of industry experience to the task.

Kenneth Saunders

Founder and CEO

Kenneth Saunders Consulting was founded in May 2022 by Kenneth Saunders. A meticulous planner and passionate motivator, Saunders is committed to working tirelessly with clients to produce excellent results.

Kenneth is a container yard & vessel planning specialist with 20 years of industry experience. He has worked with companies such as Hutchison Port Holdings, MSC and Arawak Port Holdings with great results. Kenneth has encountered a wide spectrum of issues specific to yard and vessel planning and has worked tirelessly to resolve them. Additionally, he has developed new processes to achieve maximum results.

A professional committed to serving his clients with excellence, Kenneth is a former employee turned entrepreneur living out his dream of working to provide quality service in the marine transportation sector.


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